The Greywolf Foundation’s 2023 Annual Report is now available and highlights the charitable support and numerous accomplishments from last year.

In 2023, the Greywolf Foundation gave nearly $100,000 to support 52 different charitable organizations and efforts. There were 31 of these organizations that received grants from the Greywolf Foundation for the first time, emphasizing the GWF’s desire to have a diverse and broad impact on our local communities.

The Annual Report also showcases several grassroots efforts and significant initiatives to encourage public involvement to raise funds for these entities helping Wisconsin residents. Areas aided by these efforts include poverty relief and medical advancements and care.

An Event Calendar for 2024 is included in the Annual Report, which lists important dates ahead for the Greywolf Foundation. An upcoming focus is the APDA WI Half Marathon, 5K & More fundraising event on April 13, at Bakken Park, in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. Full information can be found at APDA WI – Greywolf Foundation Inc.

The work of the Greywolf Foundation is made possible thanks to the talents, generosity and energy of its donors, volunteers, board members and supporters. Their help is appreciated as the Greywolf Foundation strives to continue to Impact Communities & Improve Lives in 2024.

View the Greywolf Foundation 2023 Annual Report.